Solar Panel Battery Storage

Solar Panel Battery Storage

Welcome to Future Proof Solar! We’re a passionate team of solar experts in the UK. We specialise in everything, from solar panel battery storage solutions and EV charging to maintenance and installation of services.

Our ethos is simple. We provide solar panel batteries that you can rely on. High in performance and efficiency, our batteries ensure you make the most of every sunray, saving energy and in turn, your hard-earned money.

But our services don’t just stop there. When you choose Future Proof Solar, you’re choosing a lasting partnership. We walk alongside you—from our very first conversation, all the way to the complete installation and even beyond. We ensure that your journey to embracing solar power is a smooth and guided one.

In our portfolio, we have various solar panel and battery packages that will meet the diverse needs of your homes and business. Each package has been carefully curated with the aim of turning you into a self-reliant consumer of power, dramatically reducing your reliance on the national grid.

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    Solar Panel Batteries

    At the heart of every thriving solar power setup lies an efficient solar panel battery. These batteries are essential components that store the surplus power generated by your solar panels during the day to use at a later time.

    Solar panel batteries work by storing energy produced by the sun’s light and heat during the day. This energy can then be utilised in the evening or during low light conditions, ensuring a continuous power supply when you need it. The solar panels absorb sunlight, converting it into electricity, and then this electricity charges the batteries, forming a smart storage system that makes you less reliant on the grid and more energy-independent.

    As the cost of electricity continues to rise, solar panel batteries provide a compelling solution for those seeking energy resilience. By allowing you to store, and use solar energy, these batteries can dramatically reduce your reliance on traditional electrical providers, leading to substantially lower energy bills.

    Solar Panel Batteries are an excellent safety net for those who are frequently affected by power outages. Rather than counting on the national grid, your solar panel battery provides an immediate source of power when needed.

    By opting for solar panel batteries, you’re opting towards protecting the environment. These batteries facilitate the use of clean, renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and promoting sustainability.

    At Future Proof Solar, we offer a wide range of solar panel batteries, including variations in capacity, size, and longevity to perfectly cater to your unique needs. When paired with our expert installation and aftercare services, the path to a greener and more energy-efficient future couldn’t be clearer.

    Solar Panel and Battery Packages

    Our packages bring together two pivotal elements of solar energy systems—highly efficient solar panels and top-notch solar panel batteries. This combination is designed to help harness and utilise solar power to its maximum potential.

    Here are some reasons we think you should purchase a solar panel and battery package.

    1. Complete Power Solution

    Combining solar panels with batteries provides you with a full-circle solution for power generation and storage. You’ll not just be generating power in daylight hours but storing surplus power for use in the night or during lower light conditions.

    2. Customisable Options

    We understand that each home or business has unique needs. That’s why we offer an array of packages with varying capacities and sizes to match your specific energy requirements.

    3. Cost Efficiency

    Aside from reducing dependence on power companies & promoting lower electricity bills, our packages also save you the trouble and additional costs of sourcing panels and batteries from different suppliers.

    4. Expert Support

    With our packages, you gain access to our expert guidance. With bespoke and tailored advice from the initial inspection to professional installation all the way through to after-care support.

    5. Green Step

    Investing in a solar panel and a battery package will propel your green initiative, minimising carbon emissions and contributing towards a sustainable future.

    Your journey to an eco-friendly, cost-effective power solution is just a step away with Future Proof Solar’s bespoke solar panel and battery packages. Unleash the transformative power of solar, and choose Future Proof Solar.

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      Our Solar Panel Battery Packages

      4.25kW Package:
      10 x Trina Solar Panels
      3.6kW GivEnergy Inverter
      5.2kWh GivEnergy Battery Storage

      5.1kW Package:
      12 x Trina Solar Panels
      3.6kW GivEnergy Inverter
      8.2kWh GivEnergy Battery Storage

      6.8kW Package:
      16 x Trina Solar Panels
      5kW GivEnergy Inverter
      9.5kWh GivEnergy Battery Storage

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