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Solar Panel Installation Service

Future Proof Solar works with the best leading solar brands to provide the best installation service possible.

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How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels are made of photovoltaic cells that generate sunlight and convert this sunlight into a direct current which passes through your home to an inverter. Next, the inverter transmutes the direct current into an alternative current which travels through the electrical panel that powers the electricity in your home.

Excess electricity, not used, will be transmitted to the electrical grid. The grid is used to supply the electricity needed when your panels are not producing enough energy to power your home, for example when it gets dark.

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    Benefits Of Going Solar Powered

    • Renewable energy source
    • Reduces electricity bills
    • Saving money overtime
    • Gaining money overtime
    • Low Maintenance

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here you will find a list of frequently asked questions that we have provided to assist you with any inquiries you may have. Got any further questions? Please get in touch!

    Future Proof Solar focuses on the satisfaction of our customers and offering the most competitive quote. We are professionals in the renewable sector, installing solar system and air source heat pumps across the UK.

    Investing in solar offers a great long-term benefit. After your solar system is installed and functionally running you can expect savings in the next few months. However to regain your initial investment costs, this can take a matter of years.

    At Future Proof Solar our team of advisors are here to help. We offer a FREE quote and site survey to help identify whether or not your property is appropriate for solar and how we can help you and your electrical needs.

    Having a solar battery included in your solar system helps store excess energy generated by your solar panels. This energy can be used at times when your panels don’t generate enough electricity, such as cloudy days and nights. Having a battery can help you save money long term, as you will avoid taking energy from the national grid power supply.

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    Request Your Solar Quote

    Should you choose to proceed with Future Proof Solar, we will commission an on site or online survey. The survey is carried out by one of our accredited solar PV surveyors.


    We Order and Install Your Solar

    A member of our team will contact you to discuss installation dates. Once agreed on a date you will be asked to pay a 10% deposit to secure your installation date.


    You’re Good To Get Plugged In And Go!

    Most of our installations are completed within one working day, if we anticipate it will be longer you will be made aware during the design stage. Enjoy your solar system!

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      Solar Services at Future Proof Solar

      System Design

      Our in-house designers work with customers to create tailor-made systems in order to maximise your roof space / location for the PV array and battery storage.

      Solar & Battery Supply

      We supply the materials right for you, ready for the installation.

      Solar & Battery Installation

      Once a design is agreed upon, a survey will take place either via video call or a physical site survey to gather all the information required. Our skilled installation team will then come out to your property and install your system for you.

      Hot Water Solar Diverter Installation

      Heat your water with solar energy. Your solar water heating system uses solar collectors such as your panels to convert the infra-red solar light into heat.

      Solar Panel Relocation Service

      If you are moving home and want to be able to utilise the system you have currently, we can decommission and remove your system from your current property and relocate this to your new property.

      Working With The Best Suppliers

      Solar Maintenance Service

      At Future Proof Solar we offer a maintenance and protection package, this includes:

      Solar Panel Check Up

      Our experts want to make sure your solar panels are working to the best of their ability. We can conduct a test to ensure each panel is working efficiently thus not affecting the rest of your system.

      Solar Panel Cleaning

      We want to make sure your solar panels are generating as much sun power as possible. If you find your panels are looking a bit dirty, get in touch!

      Inverter Testing

      Our experts can ensure your inverter is still running to it’s full potential as this is a key component in being able to harvest all the energy your system is generating. If the inverter is at the end of its life we can replace this so you can reap the rewards from your system.

      Installing solar panels is the initial step towards generating electricity from the sun’s energy. To ensure a seamless and effective installation, it is crucial to rely on professional solar panel installers. These experts possess the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of the installation process, from panel placement to electrical connections. They tailor the installation to your specific needs, considering factors such as your location, roof orientation, and energy consumption patterns. By working with trusted manufacturers with plenty of reviews and appropriate accreditations such as a MCS accreditation, being registered as a NAPIT installer or a HIES-approved member as well as being TrustMark approved, professional installers should guarantee high-quality equipment for optimal system performance.

      Opting for a professional solar panel installation service streamlines the transition to solar energy. These services provide expert guidance throughout the entire process, from the initial consultation to system design and installation. By handling permits, electrical connections, and inspections, they ensure compliance with local regulations. Professional installers optimise the placement and angle of the panels, taking shading into account for maximum sunlight exposure and energy generation. Additionally, they offer post-installation support, including system testing, user guidance, and ongoing maintenance assistance.

      While solar panels require minimal maintenance, regular care can extend their lifespan and maximise their efficiency. To keep your solar panels operating at their best, gentle cleaning using water and a soft brush is recommended. Removing dirt, dust, and debris will enhance their performance. Monitoring the system’s output allows you to identify any significant drop in performance, prompting you to seek professional assistance if necessary. 

      Periodic inspections by solar panel maintenance services help assess the condition of your panels, ensuring any damage or wiring issues are promptly addressed. Following safety procedures when accessing your solar panels is essential to ensure your well-being and the system’s integrity.