Do Electric Vehicles Work In Winter?

Tips on how to look after your EV this winter.

Tip 1 :

Keep your EV battery protected by sheltering it from the cold. Solutions would be using or investing in a car cover. An alternative would be moving your EV into a garage during the cold nights.

Tip 2 :

Preheating your electric vehicle before moving will enhance its battery life. This not only helps keep the car warm but your battery performs at its most efficient in moderate temperatures.

Tip 3 :

Reduce the risk of skidding by being less harsh using your breaks.

Tip 4 :

Keep your electric vehicle in top condition by keeping it charged and not letting your battery level dip below 20%

Tip 5 :

Optimise charging speeds by thinking ahead! Once you are done driving for the day, plug in your electric vehicle whilst the battery is still warm.

Tip 6 :

Your tyres are a crucial part of your EV’s performance. Make sure to regularly check your tyres’ pressure over the winter months as it is no surprise if the pressure falls.


Recently Asked Questions:


Will my electric vehicle be less efficient in winter?

As the temperatures drop to more extreme temperatures moving into the winter months, this can reduce the overall efficiency of your EV battery and affect the performance of your electric vehicle, forcing you to charge more than you normally would.

Do low temperatures impact charging speeds?

The drop in temperatures can affect how fast your electric vehicle charges. This is due to EV batteries being designed to work to the best of their ability in temperatures around 20 degrees. 

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