Solar Energy Tips

Solar Energy Tips


Tips Before Installation


Solar Space:

Do you have enough space for solar? This is a key consideration to make when deciding if solar is right for you and your home. For maximum electrical output, the ideal space would be an unshaded south facing roof. Not to worry, East and West facing roofs will still generate energy if solar panels are installed. However, they are less energy efficient, decreasing the overall generated energy to around 15-20% less than a roof facing directly south. 

Panel Permission:

You do not need permission to install solar panels on your property if owned and not visible from a road. You would only need planning permission if they are listed buildings, flats or properties in conservation areas.

Dodge Darkness:

It is our team’s job to position panels away from areas of the roof that could come into shade from buildings. Before your installation, think ahead and avoid shaded objects that could affect your panel’s performance. Such as, overgrown trees and bushes.


Tips After Installation


Monitor Movement:

It is important to observe your panels’ performance. Using the app connected to your system gives you an insight into when your solar panels are producing the most power. It is worth checking this monthly as seasons change and the days get longer or shorter.

Benefits of Batteries:

Adding a battery into your solar system helps store excess energy generated by your solar panels. This energy can be used at times when your panels don’t generate enough electricity, such as cloudy days and nights. Having a battery can help you save money long term, as you will avoid taking energy from the national grid power supply.

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