Step-by-Step Solar Panel Installation

Step-by-Step Solar Panel Installation Process

Understanding the Installation Process:

In-Roof and Above-Roof Solar Panel System

Initial Consultation and Site Assessment

Consultation: We’ll start with an initial consultation to understand your energy needs and goals.

Site Assessment: Our team will visit your home to assess the roof’s condition, orientation, and shading. This helps us design the most efficient system for you.

System Design and Proposal

Custom Design: Based on the site assessment, we’ll design a custom solar panel system that fits your roof and meets your energy needs.

Proposal: We’ll provide you with a detailed proposal, including the design, projected energy output, costs, and expected savings.

Permits and Paperwork

Permits: We handle all the necessary paperwork required for you to claim the smart export guarantee from your energy supplier. The vast majority of installations come under the permitted development, the only exception to this are listed buildings, or buildings in a conservation area where the panels would be visible from a public highway. If your property is in one of these areas, we will gladly assist you with this application. 

Grid Connection: We do the DNO application on your behalf to ensure your system can be connected to the grid.

Installation Day: In-Roof Installation

Roof Preparation: Our team will prepare the roof by removing the necessary tiles or slates and installing a waterproof membrane.

Mounting System: A special in-roof mounting system is installed, integrating the solar panels directly into the roof structure.

Panel Installation: The solar panels are then installed into the mounting system, sitting flush with the roof for a seamless look.

Electrical Wiring: The panels are wired together, and the wiring is run to the inverter, which is typically installed in your loft or garage.

Installation Day: Above-Roof Installation

Mounting System: For above-roof installations, we install a rail system on top of your existing roof. The rails are attached to the roof rafters using specially designed roof hooks.

Panel Installation: Solar panels are then mounted onto the rail system, ensuring they are securely fastened and optimally positioned.

Electrical Wiring: Similar to the in-roof installation, the panels are wired together, and the wiring is connected to the inverter.

System Connection and Testing

Inverter Connection: The inverter converts the DC electricity generated by the panels into AC electricity for your home.

Electrical Connection: The inverter is connected to your home’s electrical system, allowing you to use the solar power generated.

Testing: Our team will thoroughly test the system to ensure everything is working correctly and efficiently.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring: We’ll set up a monitoring system so you can track your system’s performance in real-time, ensuring it’s always operating at peak efficiency.

Maintenance: Solar panels require minimal maintenance, but we’re always here to help with any questions or support you might need.

Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Energy

Energy Savings: Start enjoying the savings instantly on your energy bills and the environmental benefits of using clean, renewable energy.

Support: Our team is always available for ongoing support and to answer any questions you may have about your new solar panel system.

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