Tesla Powerwall Vs GivEnergy All-in-One Battery

Comparing Tesla Powerwall 2 with GivEnergy All-in-One Battery

Tesla Powerwall Vs GivEnergy All-in-One Battery


In the battery storage field, Tesla Powerwall has been a prime customer choice for a long-while. Notable for its top-notch quality, Tesla’s dominance, however, is now being challenged by a formidable contender – the GivEnergy All-in-One Battery.

The GivEnergy All-in-One Battery emerges as the primary competitor to the Tesla Powerwall 2. With comparable capacities, both offerings provide homeowners with a substantial 13.5kWh of storage in a single unit, along with integrated AC Coupled inverters for seamless retrofitting.

Equipped with backup Gateways, both solutions ensure uninterrupted power supply during grid outages.

Given these similarities, the Tesla Powerwall versus GivEnergy All-in-One debate has gained traction. In this discourse, we delve into the strengths of each, enabling you to make an informed choice for your home energy solution.

Tesla Powerwall 2


Established Brand: Tesla, founded in July 2003, stands as a globally recognised powerhouse in sustainable energy. With a market value surpassing $780 billion in 2023. Tesla epitomises innovation and disruption in the industry. Backed by over two decades of battery manufacturing expertise, Tesla represents a forward-looking investment.

AI Driven/Ease of Use: Praised for its user-friendly interface, the Tesla Powerwall boasts seamless integration with the Tesla app, offering real-time data accessibility and effortless management. With a 3.6-star rating from over 35,000 reviews, the app ensures a hassle-free experience for both tech-savvy and non-tech-savvy users.

Scalability: Tesla Powerwall’s scalability allows homeowners to expand their energy storage capacity by connecting up to 10 units, offering up to 135kWh of storage.

Product Maturity: With over seven years in the market and continuous updates, the Tesla Powerwall stands as a refined, mature solution. The company launched a new Powerwall 3 at the end of March this year (2024).

Thermal Management: Featuring integrated liquid heating and cooling systems, the Tesla Powerwall maintains optimal performance even in fluctuating temperatures, ensuring reliable operation throughout the year.

GivEnergy All-in-One Battery


Price: Marketed as a high-performance yet affordable alternative, the GivEnergy All-in-One Battery presents a competitive pricing structure compared to the Tesla Powerwall, making it accessible to a broader range of consumers.

Works with Octopus Energy: GivEnergy’s compatibility with Octopus Energy’s tariffs offers seamless integration and potential cost savings, particularly with the Intelligent Octopus ‘Go’ and ‘Flux’ tariffs, exclusive to GivEnergy batteries.

Higher Discharge Rate: With a peak discharge rate of 6kW, the GivEnergy All-in-One Battery outperforms the Tesla Powerwall 2, enabling faster energy charge and discharge.

Open API: GivEnergy’s open API provides extensive home integration possibilities and ultimate control over the battery, catering to tech-savvy users seeking customisation.

Warranty: Boasting an industry-leading 12-year warranty, the GivEnergy All-in-One Battery ensures long-term peace of mind, albeit with periodic maintenance checks required to maintain warranty validity.

Final Verdict


Both the Tesla Powerwall 2 and GivEnergy All-in-One Battery stand as commendable options for home energy storage. While the GivEnergy offers competitive pricing, higher discharge rates, and exclusive partnerships, the Tesla Powerwall excels in brand reputation, product maturity, scalability, and thermal management.

Ultimately, the choice between the two hinges on individual energy goals, preferences, and priorities, be it brand prestige, affordability, or technological features.

At Future Proof Solar, we are committed to assisting you in making the optimal decision tailored to your specific needs. Our expert team are on hand to provide sound advice and assist with making the best home energy decision for you.

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