Solar Panel Guide

About Solar Panels

Are you thinking about installing solar panels? Solar panels are a form of renewable energy that generate and convert sunlight into electrical energy which is passed through your home.

Are solar panels right for me?

Before purchasing a solar system with any company, you should always check if solar is suitable for you and your property. Seek advice from an advisor and come up with a solution that benefits you and your energy needs.

Benefits of solar
  • Renewable energy 
  • Save money
  • Clean energy
  • Low maintenance
  • Adding property value
How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that generate and convert sunlight into a direct current (DC) which passes through your home to an inverter. Next, the inverter transmutes the direct current into an alternative current (AC) which travels through the electrical panel that powers the electricity in your home.

Excess electricity not used, will be transmitted to the electrical grid. The grid is used to supply the electricity needed when your panels are not producing enough energy to power your home. For example, when it gets dark.

Solar Panel Maintenance

The average solar panel lifespan should last around 25-30 years. However it is important to keep your panels maintained and cleaned throughout their lifespan in order to generate the most sun power.

Solar panel check up

Our experts want to make sure your solar panels are working to the best of their ability. We can conduct a test to ensure each panel is working efficiently, thus not affecting the rest of your system.

Solar panel cleaning

We want to make sure your solar panels are generating as much sun power as possible. Our cleaning service is beneficial to anyone finding their panels are looking a bit dirty.

Inverter testing

Our experts can ensure your inverter is still running to its full potential as this is a key component in being able to harvest all the renewable energy your system is generating. If the inverter is at the end of its life we can replace this so you can reap the rewards from your system.

Solar Panel Installation

Before your solar panel installation:

Before your solar installation can take place, one of our advisors at Future Proof Solar will come out to your property and perform a site survey. This is an important part to fulfilling the next step of your solar installation. This process will make sure you get the right system and design suitable for your home and energy needs.

After your solar panel installation:

Once your panels are installed by a certified engineer you can start to enjoy all the benefits of your solar panels. You’ll be generating clean energy that will help reduce your energy bills.

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