Future Proof Solar Q&A

Future Proof Solar Q&A

Solar has been around for a long time but isn’t all that common still. How viable is solar energy now, and why should people consider it?

Due to electricity prices increasing, it is the perfect time to invest in solar energy. Solar energy has many benefits that could help you and your energy needs.

Solar energy is environmentally friendly and switching to a natural renewable energy source shows you are committed to doing your bit for the environment. This has many solar energy benefits such as:

  • Cheaper to run
  • Reduces harmful greenhouses gases
  • Get paid for generating your own electricity

Switching to solar energy can also help you save money on your overall energy bills, this is due to the photovoltaic cells using sunlight and providing energy to power the electricity in your home. 

Other solar energy benefits include the payback you can receive after having your system fitted. Investing in solar offers a great long-term benefit. After your solar system is installed and  running you can expect savings in the next few months. However to regain your initial investment can take between 4-7 years.

How much does it cost to install solar panels and is there any way to get some of it back?

Your overall cost depends on the size of your system as well as how many panels you have installed. The payback of your solar panels can take up to 4-7 years. This varies depending on the angle of your roof, what size system (how many panels), your energy usage, and the area in which you are based in the country. 

What do Future Proof Solar do that is different from any other provider?

Future Proof Solar focuses on the satisfaction of our customers and offering the most competitive quote. We are professionals in the renewable sector, offering solar energy benefits across the UK, such as solar systems and air source heat pumps.

Are solar panels a good option with our UK weather?

In the UK, solar panels work through all four seasons of the year in any weather conditions. However solar energy is produced less throughout winter months due to the days becoming shorter, meaning fewer hours of daylight. Having a battery included in your solar system can help in these winter months by storing energy to use when needed.

How many solar panels does a home usually need, and how difficult is the installation and maintenance?

For every 1000kWh you use, you need 1kW worth of panels. For example if you use 4500kWh a year you will need a 4.5kW system consistent with 12 solar panels. Our team of specialists will be able to advise you on what size system you require based on your energy usage and roof size.

Our installation team takes around 5-6 hours to complete the process. The systems require very little maintenance. However you should inspect your panels efficiency and check they are clean and nothing is blocking them from absorbing the sun.

Future proof solar offers a maintenance and protection package which includes:

  • Solar Panel check up  
  • Solar Panel cleaning 
  • Inverter Testing

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